About greene river studio 

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the artist 

My name is Katy Greene and I am the artist behind Greene River Studio. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from East Tennessee State University with a concentration in sculpture. Sculpture is one of those subjects, which requires a large knowledge and skill base, and in the process of acquiring my education I learned woodworking, and metalworking among other things.

the prints

I have been working as an illustrator since graduation and as such I rarely get to draw what I want, the way I want. The prints on this site are all from hand rendered originals, each one a labor of love. My surroundings in lovely East Tennessee are a constant inspiration for my craft.


the jewelry

 The wood that I use is stabilized with resin making it resistant to wear from handling over time. When sanded and polished the resin also gives the wood a lovely smooth texture and weight, making each piece almost like a stone. I buy my blocks of wood from businesses that make scales for knife makers to use for handles, this ensures that I get as much figuring or burl as possible in a small space, making for interesting and unique wood grains that appear in each piece that I make.

    Each wood piece that you see is hand cut, shaped, sanded, and polished to a perfect finish. No two pieces of jewelry will ever be the same as the wood grains will never be the same. All the metal pieces are hand cut from quality raw materials and shaped and polished by hand and the inlay for the constellation designs is done by hand as well.